Mark Raasveldt

Mark Raasveldt

CTO of DuckDB Labs

Personal Profile

Hi! I am a Computer Scientist based in Amsterdam and am interested in data management for statistical software.

I am working as the CTO of DuckDB Labs.

Current Project

DuckDB - Embedded analytical database system.


Mark Raasveldt and Hannes Mühleisen DuckDB: an Embeddable Analytical DatabasePDF SIGMOD 2019, Demonstration Track
Mark Raasveldt, Pedro Holanda and Stefan Manegold devUDF: Increasing UDF development efficiency through IDE Integration. It works like a PyCharm!PDF EDBT 2019, Demonstration Track
Mark Raasveldt Integrating Analytics with Relational DatabasesPDF VLDB 2018, PhD Workshop
Diego Tomé, Tim Gubner, Mark Raasveldt, Eyal Rozenberg and Peter Boncz Optimizing Group-By And Aggregation using GPU-CPU Co-ProcessingPDF ADMS 2018
Mark Raasveldt MonetDBLite: An Embedded Analytical DatabasePDF SIGMOD 2018, Student Research Contest (Winner)
Mark Raasveldt, Pedro Holanda, Tim Gubner and Hannes Mühleisen Fair Benchmarking Considered Difficult: Common Pitfalls In Database Performance TestingPDF DBTest 2018
Mark Raasveldt and Hannes Mühleisen MonetDBLite: An Embedded Analytical DatabasePDF Arxiv
Mark Raasveldt, Pedro Holanda, Hannes Mühleisen and Stefan Manegold Deep Integration of Machine Learning Into Column StoresPDF EDBT 2018
Pedro Holanda, Mark Raasveldt and Martin Kersten Don’t Hold My UDFs Hostage - Exporting UDFs For Debugging PurposesPDF SBBD 2017
Mark Raasveldt and Hannes Mühleisen Don’t Hold My Data Hostage – A Case For Client Protocol RedesignPDF VLDB 2017
Mark Raasveldt, Tim Gubner and Abe Wits Automated Distributed Execution of LLVM code using SQL JIT Compilation PDF SIGBOVIK 2017
Mark Raasveldt and Hannes Mühleisen Vectorized UDFs in Column-StoresPDF SSDBM 2016

Hobby Projects

Panther - High-performance text-editor written in C++

Tibialyzer - Extension for the online video game Tibia.

Myth Engine - Game engine written in C++